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Tell-Tale Signs That Your Dog is Sick

For many people a dog or puppy is just like a child, so it can be very distressing to find out that your dog is ill. If the illness is caught early, on many occasions it can be cured quickly. However, it can be difficult to see the early signs so here are the signs to tell if your dog is ill.

1. What is the Urine Like?

A dog’s urine should be clear. The lighter yellow the color the better they are. A sign of dehydration is dark yellow urine. However there are many other conditions that can be caught by the color of the urine. If you see blood in your dog’s urine, or it is cloudy or completely clear then you should get your dog to the vet. This can be a sign of kidney infections or problems with the bladder and can turn very serious if not looked into.

2. Is Your Dog’s Nose Dry?

A dog’s nose should be wet and cold, although it should not be runny; that is a sign of a cold. If your dog’s nose is dry and a little warm, it could mean that it is dehydrated. On a more serious note it could be a sign of illness. Monitor your dog’s water intake and if you find that it is still dry after a few days, take it to your vet.

3. What are the Gums Like?

Just like humans, your dog’s gums should be pink in color and not red. Red gums are a sign of infection or gum disease and need to be taken care of straight away. Also check the teeth for any tooth decay and watch for any excessive drooling; this could also indicate one of the two problems.

4. Is Your Dog Vomiting?

Vomiting and Diarrhea are clear signs that your dog is ill. Sometimes it could be some minor like your dog swallowing something that it was not supposed to or an allergic reaction to some food that you have given it. The symptoms will usually only last a day if that is the case, however if you find that they are continuing on for longer then it could be something different. Check regularly to see if the diarrhea continues for longer than a day. Another thing to look for is any blood or whether the diarrhea is black. If you find anything like this then see your vet immediately.

5. How Long Does Your Dog Sleep?

It is important to take into account the dog’s age, since this does have an impact on how long it will sleep. However, a long period of sleep is often linked to illness; your dog needs sleep to recover. On the other hand, your dog may be struggling to sleep, which is another sign of illness. Keep an eye on it and if the problem persists, speak to your vet.

Looking after your dog in the early years can help it to live a fuller and longer life. Taking your dog for regular walks will help to keep it fit and also helps with its health. Treat it as you would a child, it cannot tell you when something is wrong, it relies on you.

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