Animal Liberation Press Office

The North American – A.L.F. Press Office has several basic functions, all of which are designed to explain why the A.L.F. carries out actions, how it does, and how our species treat non-human animals.
Any anonymous information received by the Press Office which details A.L.F. -style actions will be released to the media. The Press Office will be available as part of the network of contacts for the media, able to confirm actions that fall within A.L.F. policy and explaining the suffering that necessitates such actions.
When any A.L.F. action happens in your area, please tape news coverage, gather newspaper articles, record radio shows, etc. and send them to the Press Office. You will be reimbursed for expenses such as postage, tapes, etc. Remember you are the eyes and ears for the animals.

The North American – A.L.F. Press Office is an independent pro – A.L.F. organization working closely with the North American A.L.F. Supporters Group and other above-ground animal liberation groups.
The North American – A.L.F. Press Office has no knowledge of the person(s) carrying out any courageous A.L.F. actions.

The core idea

The main idea of A.L.F. is to get to the public eye; people need to be aware that every day some violation happens against animals. Though their actions, strategies, and philosophy, they move this secluded problem onto light and exposing it to media and the public. Many of these acts that happen every day are far from legal, exposing animals to cruel treatments. On the other hand, official organizations fail to see the problem, or they just choose to be blind. Profit plays a big role; that’s why violations against the animals are promoted and advertised as the right one. Because of the powerful people out there, representative of animal liberation right often feel pressure and they aren’t allowed to speak up. It is one of the main reasons why their word must travel fast, to protect and save innocent animals.
The North America A.L.F Press Office is currently the most active organizations regarding the animal rights. The majority of actions against animals goes unreported, or they aren’t categorized as such. Individuals and big industries do not pay too much attention to this problem because in their world animals don’t have any value. That’s why Press Office tries to discover their aims and behavior and to find out what is their main motivation for such actions. Defenseless animals held in captivity for any purpose, except for treatment, goes beyond any natural law.

Stay anonymous and fight for animals

With the great assistance of anonymous third parties, Press Office fights for animal liberation. In some moments we will see that our fight is futile, you just can’t beat the Giants. But, on the other hand, when we succeed in our mission, we will know it was worth it. The animals we saved, get to spend another day and the message we send is much stronger and powerful than any industry.