Why are animals used in research?

Humans use animals for a variety of reasons, in some ways, their purpose is noble in others, not so much. But the cruelest way to treat the animals is to use them for research. Unfortunately, today’s economy, demands on the market and big companies have the greatest impact on animals’ life. When the profit is to be made, no one will stand in their way. Based on some estimates, people in America eat 5 billion of animals each year. On the other hand, 110 millions of pets are kept in the households across the United States. In human life, animals have found different purposes, like transportation, recreation, sport and the most popular one is the companionship.

The cruelest ways in which the animals are treated

In some way, people see them as an ideal replica of themselves. They are kept in research facilities, imprisoned and under the special treatment, where scientist can monitor their progress and reaction. And we are talking here about different types of projects and research. From diseases research to drug testing. Come companies even use animals to test their beauty products on them. But, why are the animals so convenient. The main reason, scientists, use animals is because they cannot perform their tests on humans. Also, some animals have a similar genetic structure to people, which makes them very convenient, based on their opinion. From mice, monkeys, rabbits, frogs, cats and dogs, everything is being killed with the purpose of the experiment.

Laboratories are the source of the evil

In these artificial conditions, a scientist creates new drugs and fed them to animals. They make new diseases and viruses and inject them into animals, to see their reaction, possible cause, and the consequence. Animals are kept in cages and strictly monitored the condition. Unfortunately, they all end up dead or suffering through their short life.

Public awakes slowly

Even though 50% of Americans are against the animal testing and using the animals in research, they aren’t ready to offer lots of help regarding this problem. Some organizations fight animals right and liberation, but that process is very slow. The industry is a powerful machine, and it takes time and strategy to fight it. Most of the organizations are small and even larger one like A.L.T. have troubles facing this problem. They are always hiding and going underground because they are afraid of repercussions and authorities.

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