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Finding a Shelter for Abandoned Pets

For most people having a pet is more than just that. They consider animals living with them members of their family. There are even people claiming that they provide affection to their pet equal to what they give to their own children. However, certain circumstances can lead families to abandoning their four-legged love ones.

Parting ways

While it is quite difficult to part ways with our pets, sometimes it’s all the options we have. Even Sylvester Stallone had his fair share of this heartbreak when he sold Butkus, his bull mastiff, when he was down to his luck. Don’t worry; he bought him back after producers paid for the script he wrote for Rocky.

But some people aren’t as talented as old Sly and have to opt for animal shelters as the new home for their pets. The next best thing you could do to them, however, is find a place where they can be really taken care of, and where they have a possibility of getting adopted.

Be wary of some shelters

When finding a new home for your dogs or cats, make sure that you’re sending them to a shelter that has a good reputation. While there are places where they certainly keep an eye out for your pets and treat them humanely, there are others that have been shut down for having shoddy conditions.

One example is a shelter run by Animal Care and Control located in Manhattan which was recently slammed shut by City Controller Scott Stringer.

Stringer found out that the shelter has been giving expired drugs to animals in the period of four months before probes discovered this was the case after reviewing the place’s records.

They’ve also found improper storage of vaccines where it shared room with the workers’ lunches, as well as the remains of dead animals. Appalling is an understatement.

It also turned out that the group has a contract of $51.9 million dollars with the city which required the shelter to have a computerize system that tracks down drugs and vaccines that could pose serious health threats to pets and the people working for them. A system that is lacking during Stringer’s probing.

Finding a better home

Doing a bit of research to find a better home for your pets can go a long way in ensuring that they be place in shelters that attends to their needs.

Center for Animal Health and Welfare is a great example that takes care of abandoned pets. One great philosophy that this place adheres to is they don’t practice animal euthanasia. They’ve been sticking to this rule since adopting the policy since 2004.

However, this is also the reason that the shelter is struggling. They’re still keeping it together through donations and volunteer work though, but it’s not enough given how many animals are coming in. The group is making every effort to spread news regarding the shelter’s needs and hopes that more people would provide donations or just lend a helping hand with the strays.

Remember that finding a better home doesn’t necessarily mean that you should seek places which has up-to-date facilities and has deep pockets to take care of the animals under them. Sometimes all you need is a shelter where people genuinely care.

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