Frequently Asked Questions

1.Why was the A.L.F Press Office launched?

This organization started with work in 1994. The main goal is to raise the awareness regarding animal liberation rights and to stop ill-treatment that animals receive.

2. Are A.L.F Press Office representatives, members of underground groups?

No. If their representatives knew any members or took involvement with underground groups, law enforcements wouldn’t hesitate to imprison them.

3. Can Press Office help me get to A.L.F?

Unfortunately, we cannot help you. For further involvement, you need to contact them personally. The Press Office doesn’t hold any connection to A.L.F nor any underground group.

4. How does anyone become a member of A.L.F?

Looking through history, to participate in direct actions, you need to think alike A.L.F. With your actions you need to show that you are a trustworthy person. They have cell scattered all across North America, which operate independently. Each of these cells started locally and grew to become a group of individuals who will fight for animal liberation rights.

5. What is the mission of A.L.F.?

It is the largest and most active group in existence so far. They have few goals, to free the animals out of captivity. For example, from medical research centers, farms, fur farms, and to secure them into saving homes with the loving families or individuals.

To stop the profit and to damage the business to those who are making money on animals. To take certain steps against harming the animals. Any persons or organization who consider themselves as vegetarians or vegans are more than welcome to join A.L.F.

6. Why does A.L.F. destroy other people property?

Every year more and more animals are being exploited and hurt. To protect them, A.L.F. needs to make certain actions. The animals need to be liberated, and in such case, some properties need to be damaged in that process.