pet care

Picture this.

You arrive at your office late due to traffic, which led your boss to give you an earful. Settling in your cubicle, you log on the computer and you’re greeted with a heaping amount of tasks.

So you crunch through it.

A solid eight hours of hammering your fingers on the keyboard, scrolling the mouse, and thinking how miserable your life is. You go home and the traffic’s enough to pop a vein.

Going up your apartment, you open the door, and there he is – laying on the floor, ears perked, tail wagging as old Milo runs up to greet his favorite person in the world. And your stress has suddenly melted.

I tell you, if magic doesn’t exist, then that there is the next best thing.

It doesn’t matter if you’re the proud owner of a dog, a cat, a parrot, or a bearded dragon. What matters is the relationship that you’ve form with this animal.

That’s how we feel here at Animal Liberation. We value the lives of pets around the world. That’s why we create content that is geared towards providing information for our cute, and sometimes strange, family members.

We’ll talk about animal health, telltale signs of ailments that they might be experiencing, the most recent breakthroughs and research regarding our pets, and all things related to these.

Information regarding organizations that provides aid in animals will also be covered, as well as the boring, yet oh so essential responsibility of government officials involving animals within the scope of their sector.

We will also raise awareness regarding issues of animal abuse. We do not, and cannot, stand people that are ignoring their pets resulting in poor health conditions of the animal.

We understand that there are unforeseen circumstances that might come up into someone’s life that may result in pet neglect or pet abandonment. As such, we will provide advices regarding this issue – what you can do to your pet, what kind of shelter you should look out for, and so on.

Animal behaviors will also be touched on, as well as proper caring for a certain pet. It’s not a rare case where house pets become house pests. Certain owners sometimes provide unnecessary and over-the-top attention to their animal companions that alter their behavior in a bad way. (People who watch Cesar Millan’s show are familiar with this.)

So this is what Animal Liberation is about. If you feel the same passion and caring the way we do about pets and animals in general, then we encourage our readers to leave comments and reply to articles that interest them, as well as subscribe to our newsletter. Or simply just check us out now and then when you have extra time on your hands

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